Press Release

Dan McCleary
New Paintings
June 7 - July 9, 2005

Texas Gallery
2012 Peden Street
Houston, TX 77019

Texas Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in Texas of the paintings of Los Angeles artist Dan McCleary. McCleary's work was first seen at the gallery in 2004 in a group show organized by the artist James Brown which presented works produced at his Carpe Diem Press in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Dan McCleary's solo exhibition will consist of a dozen new works —both still-lifes and portraits —painted over the last eighteen months. Although the paintings encompass two themes they are actually quite similar in mood, for McCleary's portraits are in some ways more like still-lifes than conventional portraits. Employing a revolving cast of a few sitters, McCleary places them in stripped-down generic sets, which he constructs in his studio to evoke the anonymous spaces of coffee shops, hair salons, hospitals, and office cubicles. Often basing his compositions on earlier paintings by artists from Piero Della Francesca to Paola Veronese, Rembrandt and Manet, McCleary paints his figures as still, silent icons that seem to exist in a state of pensive introspection, even when interacting with others. His paintings are stripped-down to the bare essentials necessary to convey this mood of quiet drama and are constructed, both in composition and color to reinforce it. As Nancy Grimes writes in a recent catalog, "He paints a world in which nothing happen, but everything is implied".

Dan McCleary was born in Santa Monica, CA in 1952 and lives and works near downtown Los Angeles. He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and has exhibited extensively on the West Coast since 1982. Recent exhibitions include one-person shows at galleries in Los Angeles, New York, and Santa Fe as well as museum exhibitions in Kansas and Connecticut.

For further information, please contact Nancy Douthey.

Texas Gallery
2012 Peden
Houston, TX 77019
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