Press Release


October 26 – November 25, 2006
Opening Thursday, October 26, 6 - 8 pm

Texas Gallery
2012 Peden Street
Houston, TX 77019

Texas Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by ELLEN PHELAN. Phelan’s first show in Texas features a new group of large scale works on paper. Like previous series of still lifes and portraits, Phelan balances figuration and abstraction in watercolor and pastel. Born in Detroit and working and living in New York since the 70s, Phelan combines a masterful technique with strong conceptual ideas and personal history much like other artists of her generation, Jennifer Barlett and Elizabeth Murray.

In interview for BOMB Magazine in 2004, the artist made several statements about her work, “Well, I am romantic: I’m interested in the fragility of life, the quickness of experience. I’m also interested in the gestalt, in a kind of painting that is abstract and representational at the same time but that you “get” all at once ….I had begun to figure out that I was interested in genres, in reinhabiting or rehabilitating repudiated genres: essentially, people, places, things, landscape…..I got very involved at one point with painting clouds. Well, I mean, that’s insanity. They move so dramatically, cancel themselves out, so it’s holding on to these little fleeting bits.”

The exhibition will be on view until November 25, 2006. For further information please contact Nancy Douthey, 713.524.1593 (ph); 713.524.0534 (fax). Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 – 5.

Texas Gallery
2012 Peden
Houston, TX 77019
713.524.1593 (tel)
713.524.0534 (fax)